Thermo house - new construction technology

It is not a secret that every year construction technology is becoming more advanced and offer the customer completely new types of building materials. Such materials have improved characteristics compared with previous types of building materials and gradually are taking their place on construction materials market. Some types of new roofing materials and technologies as well as main stages of roof installation we have already described in this article.

New technology called Thermo house that was recently presented on Canadian construction market is included to the list of such new era materials. This technology has gained popularity in the last ten years, though it was invented much earlier. Italy is considered to be the birthplace of this technology as it was invented there in the seventies of the twentieth century. Later this technology conquered the whole world, even such countries as Canada and the USA. Thermo house technology has gained its popularity due to the large number of factors that give a significant advantage compared to standard construction technology. First of all it significantly reduces the time required to erect a building. If to compare with technology of brick houses construction, Thermo house technology allows 5 times faster erection of a similar building. Due to the simplicity of construction technology, building construction based on Thermo house on technology requires much less human resources. As a result we have significant savings by reducing labor resources during construction. You can also reduce labor costs with construction site entry system automation by means of barrier security gates installation.

However saving is achieved not only by reducing labor costs. This technology helps to save on house heating, as formwork made of polystyrene itself acts as insulation. Besides formwork made of polystyrene foam contributes significantly to sound insulation. Another important factor is that has Thermo house technology is building structural reliability and durability. This is due to the fact that reinforced concrete that is the worldwide standard of strength and durability plays a role of strengthening element. This technology is suitable for both industrial and residential buildings. Today it is widely applied in Canada for industrial buildings construction as it allows building erection in the shortest possible time.

When a building for your business needs is ready, it is quite time to think about your industrial facilities access restriction. In this case barrier security gate installation helps to solve all logistics problems.

We are grateful to Jeanne Weber from Universaldoorltd barrier security gate supplier company and D. Tokareva for assisting us with this article.

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