How to protect plumbing system from freezing

With the arrival of winter plumbing and sewage systems are at a great risk of breakage, because of low temperatures that are usually observed in our country during cold seasons. The owners of private houses and cottages face this problem very often. Thermal insulation is one of the most popular ways to protect the pipes from freezing. However, it is not always enough to insulate pipes with the help of special materials. Especially if the pipes are laid outside the house, or are located in an unheated room. Freezing in pipes, the water damages their structure, which results in extra costs for the owner that are connected with the need to repair water or sewer system. There is another effective way to prevent the plumbing system from freezing. Canadian Home Builders advise their clients to use self-regulating heating cable for pipes heating and frost protection during winter.

The main advantages of heating cable:

  • Heating system does not require a thermostat due to the use of self-regulation.
  • Quick installation: after the cable is laid on the pipe and the insulation is fixed, heating system is ready for immediate operation.
  • Energy saving due to system self-regulation.
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