Fire and water. Problems of modern buildings fire safety improvement

Every year the issues of improving fire safety and fighting equipment with modern systems of automatic fire suppression for both residential and industrial facilities becomes more urgent, and the profession of fireman becomes more marketable. The more complex the technology, the more electrical networks, the more active construction, the higher rents collects eternal companion of mankind - the fire .

Unfortunately, with increasing equipping of modern facilities with energy consumption devices, the risk of conflagration also increases. Meanwhile, in addition to direct damage, fires cause huge indirect damage to the economy. According to competent sources (National Fire Protection Association USA), 43% of companies can not resume their activities immediately after such a disaster, 28% of enterprises recover their activity within three years and only 23% of enterprises operate after the conflagration in usual mode.

Unfortunately, firefighters for objective reasons, are often unable to come to the place of accidental inflammation in time. Average time of arrival of extinguishing team is 8 minutes in urban areas and up to 19 minutes in rural areas, but in a metropolis the time may increase due to unpredictable traffic problems. Therefore, creating a set of measures that will immediately extinguish or at least provide a time needed for arrival of professional firefighters is a forefront of fire safety of any building. The design of fire safety system with automatic suppression of inflammation place should be foreseen at the stage of building designing and implemented during construction process. Read more about new technology for smart home construction.

It should be noted that careful compliance with all regulations which are registered in numerous regulations is not a whim. Like many safety instructions, fire and building codes are literally written in blood. And if you follow them, the damage from conflagration may be if not negated, then significantly minimized. Unfortunately, these rules are often neglected during the construction. But this is the case when so-called savings can turn into huge losses, and even death. And you should not rely on insurance - insurance companies are not inclined to pay damages from the fire, which occurred due to poor compliance with fire safety rules.

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