Home Builders choose heat treated steel pipes

Nowadays, with the development of advanced technologies, iron pipes are no longer considered as a reliable material for water pipelines construction. Few decades ago, iron pipes were commonly used in the building industry for laying the pipelines in condos, as well as in private homes. However, the time has shown that this kind of pipes has a lot of disadvantages and is unsuitable for use in the construction. Rust deposits are formed inside the iron pipes very quickly (which, of course, affects the water quality, not to mention the need to install filters in order to protect washing machines, dishwashers, showers and other expensive household appliances from damage). It is believed that iron pipes life time is 20 years, but, in the reality, it does not exceed 10 years.

Currently, builders use four types of pipes: copper, steel (heat treated), plastic and made of heat treated aluminum. Heat treated steel pipes are the most expensive and durable, they have many advantages over water pipes made of other materials. First, the steel pipes are not exposed to corrosion, they are not afraid of the temperature differences, they are perfectly suitable for both cold and hot water. In addition, heat treated steel pipes may be used for the adjustment of heating, and ventilation (air-conditioning), and even the gas supply. In this case, all the systems are installed in the same way. The second plus of steel pipes that have undergone the heat treating and tempering procedures is their antibacterial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria inside the pipes. And third, perhaps the main advantage is that heat treated steel pipes will serve you much longer than the others. Their life time varies from 50 to 100 years or even more. The construction of water supply system with the use of heat treated steel pipes is a long-term and safe investment.

Plastic pipes - the cheapest material for water pipelines construction. However, over time the inner diameter of the plastic pipe is decreased due to deposits layers. Another disadvantage of these water pipes is excessive condensation. It is necessary to take care of the extra insulation to avoid the constant dampness. But most of the problems are associated with the process of installation of plastic pipes. You will have to use a lot of additional details and tools in order to install such a system.

It is for you to decide, what type of material to choose for the construction of water supply system in your house. However, the leading specialist in the building industry, as well as experts from canadian-home-builders.com, advise to stop your choice on heat treated steel pipes if you don't want to have constant problems with plumbing.

Dasha Tokareva for Atlanticheattreat.ca industrial heat treating, case hardening and vacuum annealing

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