Construction Tips

You can limit the passage to construction site in different ways, but barrier security gate installation is the most comfortable, fast and reliable way. Automatic barrier is quickly mounted, occupies minimal space and is easy to use. It is controlled by security guard at the entrance with remote control unit or control button. Barrier security gate is made of solid galvanized steel covered with varnish or special paint. Reflectors are glued on the barrier boom or diode illumination is installed in order to make a barrier visible in the dark. Accessory kit includes: booms of different length and shape, boom lighting fittings, signal lamps, photocells (safety sensors), key buttons, remote controls and other control devices. Barrier security gate can be used in inclement environments and meet the necessary safety requirements. Due to enhanced reducer this device is extremely reliable and durable. Design of classical and new models allows buyers to choose a model that is more suitable to facilities style, appearance and functionality.

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