Construction Tips: Arrangement of water supply system

The experience of Canadian Home Builders shows that except for basic works that are connected with any construction process (find out more about construction stages here), proper arrangement of water supply and sewerage systems also requires a lot of time and efforts from specialists. These operations are carried out simultaneously with the main construction and should be completed before the beginning of interior decorating. In case you do not want to experience constant problems with clogged drains in your newly built home, you should entrust the task of water supply system arrangement only to professionals, who have enough skills and experience to cope with this task effectively.

When planning the construction of water supply and sewerage system, first of all, Canadian Home Builders advise to determined the location of points of water use (kitchen, toilet, bathroom), and then the exact number and location of the points for drains. As in any kind of construction works, there are some nuances connected with the arrangement of water and sewer systems that you should know in advance in order to avoid further problems with these systems operation. Private house sewer systems are divided into external and internal contours of the device which must be considered separately. If the installation works were done qualitatively and properly, the water supply and sewerage system will work perfectly for a very long time. Nowadays, Canadian Home Builders, as well as many construction companies, use plastic in the arrangement of sewerage systems. This material allows house owners forget about corrosion and rust. However, this does not mean the complete absence of problems, unfortunately, sometimes the system can form the clog. In case the plumbing system of the house was not arranged properly, you expose the sewer system to risk of unwanted congestion. Also, because of this, the system can make noise and take excess water from the siphon.

When installing external sewage it is necessary to take into account the depth of soil freezing. The pipes must be laid below the level of soil freezing. It is also advisable to insulate pipes properly. Yes, it will lead to extra costs, but in the end this will eliminate the risk of water system breakage.

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