Busting myths about the expensiveness of smart home construction

The system of smart home that provides comfort and security for all residents is not a new concept on the building market. However, if in the past this system was affordable only to privileged one, now with the systematic reduction of prices on the technology used in the construction of smart homes, the houses that are built with the installation of innovative control devices can be also found in the suburban residential areas.

Smart - does not mean expensive. A lot of Canadian consumers strongly believe that smart home building, implies huge expenses. However, anyone who has recently been involved in the construction of residential housing can confirm that this statement is gradually losing its relevance. Every year there are more technological solutions which can be implemented by almost all the basic functions of a smart home for quite a reasonable price. Today there is a wide variety of systems designed primarily for middle-income segment. Being based on wireless technology, they combine only the most popular features. They do not require complex wiring works and can often be installed independently by real estate owned.

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