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Canadian Home Builders is a professional Web resource providing informational services for Canadian building market participants.

Canadian Home Builders gives an opportunity to deliver information about real estate in Toronto, your company's achievements and progress, you corporate vision and philosophy, as well as promote your company's services to customers throughout Canada. On our website you will always find reliable service providers who will help you to update your home. Also you will find such professionals like Regina mover - the most trusted relocation company that can easily deal with relocation across Canada.

Canadian Home Builders Directory consolidates personal profiles of the leading building and construction companies in Canada and detailed information about the services they render. In our directory you can also find business contacts of the leading forklift dealer company and many other organizations, which offer high-quality products and services for construction industry.

All the companies registered remain at the cutting-edge of technology and techniques and maintain world's best practice in every aspect of their business, whether it is engineering, planning or project management.

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Canadian-Home-Builders.com helps you to orient in real estate and construction market of Canada.

Browse Canadian Home Builders Directory to find professional construction company in your area. Consulting on real estate developers in the Etobicoke area is provided by S. Rybitsky, an Etobicoke real estate professional.

Canadian-Home-Builders.com Directory helps visitors to locate all sub-contractors in case they are eager to start building properties and advises to pay attention to construction company in Toronto who are real experts in creating the finest exterior and interior look.

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On our website you can also find a great list of the most reliable doors and windows manufacturers. Such elements of interior and exterior design as doors and windows determine the comfort and coziness of your home, protect you from heat and cold and add a flavor to your house. That is why it is very important to select these products only from a reliable manufacturers and vendors to make sure you get really quality units. Nowadays, it is possible to find a great number of companies all across Canada, offering wide assortment of windows and windows accessories. If you do not want to get lost in all the variety, you can find the list of the most trusted companies that provide door handles, wide range of windows, doors and other important elements that allow you make your house safe and cozy. In case your are looking for a reliable contractor to help you install new doors and windows, take a look at this post featuring reviews of Winnipeg Ecoline windows company and AWD company and learn what aspects you should take into account when hiring windows installation contractor.

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Kitchen Remodelling

Kitchen is usually the most important part of the whole house, where the whole family is gathering for dinner or special celebration. That is why every housewife is considering its remodelling wisely and scrupulously, while selecting appliances - purchase only the most trusted brands that are leaders on Canadian market. View the recommendations from our home interior designers and create the best for your home!


Roof is one of the main elements of any house. It protects your property from precipitation, solar radiation, pollutants, dust and performs an important aesthetic function. When choosing the type of the roof it is necessary to consider not only its durability, but also its design. The roof of the house affects the overall architectural style significantly. So, it is necessary to approach the choice of the roofing very seriously. To find interesting design ideas check the assortment of metal roofing by company and choose the best solution for your house.

Home Exterior

One of the most innovative method to create modern look of your house - install metal wall panels from Dri-design.com. They have so many benefits, except the unusual urban look like energy-effective characteristics. With modern wall panels you will forget about any drafts and moisture in your house, while summer season you will feel absolutely comfortable. What's more - your home design will impress any visitor and will emphasize your individuality!

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